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Top secret London locations

We have dug really deep to find these secret places for you to enjoy. Just do not tell everyone!

A house stuck in 1900

Open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons

Address: 18 Stafford Terrace, Kensington, London W8 7BH

Nearest tube station: High Street Kensington

Formerly known as Linley Sambourne House. It is beautifully decorated in the style of the Victorian aesthetic movement, incredibly well preserved and reflecting the artistic taste of the period. You can see the freeze frame of the middle-class house in the middle of Kensington.

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The cheapest curry in central London

Dates: Monday-Saturday 10:30am to 11:45pm Sundays 12:00pm to 11:45pm

Address: Indian YMCA,41 Fitzroy Square,W1T 6AQ

Nearest tube station: Warren street

The most reasonably prices and decent food in central London. Fantastic canteen style dining on offer, where you can have a traditional Indian meal less than £5.

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A groovy bingo hall

Date: Monday-Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 11am to 5pm

Address: Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, first floor, New Kent Rd. SE1 6TE

Nearest tube station: Elephant & Castle

One of the biggest bingo venues in the UK with the greatest value for the money. Situated at the top of the shopping Centre. There's also a bar with amazing swirly-patterned carpeting and, to top it all off, a soundtrack consisting mainly of 1980s power ballads.

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A hidden stash of rare rugs

Date : Monday-Thursday 11:30am to 11:30pm,Friday-Saturday 11.30am to 12:00am and Sunday 11:30am to 10:30pm

Address: Liberty, Great Marlborough St,W1B 5AH

Nearest tube station: Oxford St.

Arthur Lasenby Liberty wanted customers to feel as if they were exploring someone’s home. The interconnecting jumble of rooms, with the odd fireplace and cushioned window seat, makes for an intimate feel. The rug room is draped in handmade Oriental and Persian rugs. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you should go in  as it gives you an idea of what shopping in old London might have looked like – wonderful.

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A true taste of the Far East in the West End (Soho and Chinatown)

Address: Dansey Place,W1 (look for the arch on Gerrard Street)

Nearest tube station: Leicester Square

Chinatown boasts buildings and streets decorated with Chinese symbols such as dragons, lanterns, stone lions, a pagoda and Chinese gates. It is very colourful and has an extensive choice of Chinese restaurants, shops and lots of Chinese culture! 

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Eden down an alleyway

Address: Gibbon's rent is off Holyrood St.

Nearest tube station: London Bridge

A new community garden has been created in a hidden alleyway between Magdalen Street and Holyrood Street near London Bridge. Local residents and workers are invited to bring plants to put their own mark on the space. The project aims to raise awareness of this forgotten place and to contribute to the longer-term social and economic improvement of the area. It also has a tiny take-one-leave-one library in wardrobe.

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